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December 10, 2008: So, after having had the same main page for about a year and a half, I've decided to try something a little different. Wikis are one of the big things in Web 2.0, and while I don't want this site to be a wiki-site, they are the popular way of presenting knowledge, and some of the ideas like showing random pictures from the database and having featured articles are actually quite good. Also, the list of characters has become so long and the indexing so good, that having the main list on the index page had more or less outlived its usefulness. So, I've tried to adapt some of the ideas to the site. I'm sure the new design requires a few tweaks, just like the previous designs.

Back in the first year I had the site, I also started keeping track on the number of entries and when they were added. It's fun to see how the site grows, but the numbering and listing when I've added the articles... never mind...

December 1, 2008: Added to site, entry #1453-1458: Princess Pantha, Terror 2000, Larry Fischmann/Frenzy, and Kemlo Caesar/Hyperdog from America's Best Comics (ABC).

November 28, 2008: Added to site, entry #1451-1452: Roy and Pig-Pen from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

November 20, 2008: Added to site, entry #1445-1450: Pepé Le Pew/Stinky/Henry from Looney Tunes and Leksakskatten, Hjulhunden, and Negerdockan from Rune Andréasson series Pellefant.

November 18, 2008: Added to site, entry #1443-1444: Rapedalédilapoulos IV and Ambrosius from Louis-Michel Carpentier's series Les Toyottes.

November 15, 2008: Added to site, entry #1439-1442: William Niles Norris/The Grim Reaper, Tim Roland/Tim from America's Best Comics (ABC).

I've moved my site back to's server. IX Webhosting was fine in many ways, but their user interface and uploading times were driving me nuts. I kept the forum on the old server. This way, if something happens to the forum it will not affect the main site and vice versa.

November 9, 2008: Added to site, entry #1427-1438: Thomas Hugo Strange/Tom Strange/Doc, Grant Halford/The Magnet, Lance Lewis/Space Detective, Smenkhkare/Mystico/Set, and Adam/The Ape from America's Best Comics (ABC).

November 5, 2008: Added to site, entry #1406-1426: Bill Bailey/Wolfspider, Linda Burnett/Janus, Pete Cheney/Shockheaded Peter, Jenny McCambridge/Multiwoman, Duane Bodine/Dust Devil, Synaesthesia Jackson/Syn, Joe Pi, Jackie Kowalski/Jack Phantom, John Corbeau/King Peacock, Franky Lafayette/Greyshirt, and Rockefeller Patel/Rocky from America's Best Comics (ABC).

November 3, 2008: Added to site, entry #1392-1405: Laurel Lakeland/The Cobweb, Clarice, Harry Lovelace/The Word, Hector Lopez/Monsoon, Rexa, Sung Li/Girl One, Irma Wornow/Irma Geddon, and Willy Beaumont/Stochastic Fats from America's Best Comics (ABC).

November 2, 2008: Added to site, entry #1373-1391: Bob Booker/Blindshot Jaafs Macksun/Dragonslayer/Jeff Smax, Steve Traynor/Jetlad/Jetman, Sally-Jo Jessel/Micro-maid, Robyn Slinger/Toybox, Leni Muller/Die Lufthexe/The Sky Witch, Alexei Glushko/The Spaceman, and Cathy Colby/Peregrine from America's Best Comics (ABC).

October 26, 2008: Added to site, entry #1370-1372: Lady Feign, Lord Dominus, and Johnny Savoy from WildStorm.

October 20, 2008: Added to site, entry #1365-1369: Proty and James Bartholomew Olsen/Jimmy Olsen/Elastic Lad/Flamebird from pre-crisis DC Comics.

I tried using StatCounter for statistics. Very good program in many ways, but in the free version you can only see the last 500 pageviews, so for me it didn't give anything useful and I removed it again.

October 15, 2008: Just had one of those annoying experiences. The code to prevent hotlinking to my site did something stupid to my site in Internet Explorer, but only on the server side. When I looked at the pages using Firefox everything looked fine. IE on the other hand misinterpreted the code, so even parts of my own site was perceived as hotlinking. Man, that looked awful. I got it fixed, using a similar code, but that was a really annoying discovery.

October 12, 2008: Added to site, entry #1327-1364: Andrew Nolan/Ferro, Ayla Ranzz/Gossamer, Dirk Morgna/Inferno Gim Allon/Leviathan, Jan Arrah/Alchemist, Jo Nah/Ultra Boy, Lar Gand/Valor, Laurel Gand, Laurel Gand/Andromeda, Luornu Durgo/Triad, Lyle Norg/Invisible Kid, Querl Dox/Brainiac 5, Reep Daggle, Projectra Wind'zzor, Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy, Tenzil Kem/Matter-Eater Lad, Tinya Wazzo/Apparition, Val Armorr, Salu Digby/Shrinking Violet, Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl, Garth Ranzz/Live Wire from the Glorithverse version of the Legion of Super-Heroes from DC Comics.

Back in 1989 when the Legion of Super-Heroes started up again, it had changed drastically compared to the previous version, and not for the better if you ask me. I understand what they were trying to do, fixing the problems from Crisis on Infinite Earths and making it more contemporary in terms of stories. I just don't think they did a good job, which was also why I dropped the series back then. Lately I've reread the stories and bought the issues up to Zero Hour, and I have to say that they didn't age well either. The SW6 batch which is most of the additions today, made the LSH even more incomprehensive. Again, I understand what they were trying to do, it just made the whole Legion Universe even worse to visit instead.

October 6, 2008: Added to site, entry #1316-1326: Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall/Princess Projectra, Salu Digby/Atom Girl/Shrinking Violet, Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl, Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad, and Brin Londo/Timber Wolf from the 2005 reboot version of the Legion of Super-Heroes from DC Comics.

September 21, 2008: When I first started out with the site I found it annoying when people hotlinked to my site. However after some reconsidering I thought it was a great opportunity to make the site a little more known out there, so I wrote the site name on all the graphics that I had done myself. Not a bad idea per se. For the most part the people hotlinking the graphics did not cut the name off when they made the hotlink. Did it have the desired effect? I seriously doubt it. Perhaps in the beginning, but the way search engines and social networking are working now, no. Judging from the statistics it's just one of those things about the Internet that has changed in the five years I've been doing this. Too much hotlinking and too little creativity if you ask me, and with no real benefit for anyone. So, I've blocked for hotlinking to my site for the time being. Let's see if there is any beneficial effect in this.

September 18, 2008: One of the pages I've had since I started is the link page. Back in the old days before social bookmarking became the norm, they were a good idea. These days they are only a good idea for sites specialized in this type of information i.e. the various portals that still exists. I tried to make the link page into several pages making it more functional and informative, but looking at how the Internet is evolving I have to say that for sites like this one, link pages are obsolete. Links are not obsolete, they are the very backbone of the WWW structure, they just need to be done differently. So, I've taken the link pages down. I'll still have links, they just need to be placed differently.

September 17, 2008: I have taken down the page with wallpapers. Somehow the idea didn't work with what I'm doing here. For some reason it seemed out of place. The page views weren't poor per se, but they weren't really good either, and I kept getting this sense of the page being wrong for the site. As they say: 'you can't win them all', and it's not the first of my brilliant ideas to be taken down again... and I'd be surprised if it was the last.

September 15, 2008: Added to site, entry #1311-1315: Moley, Timmy & Tammy (ティム & タミー), Tippy (ティッピー), and Tracy (トレーシー) from Sanrio Company.

September 10, 2008: Added to site, entry #1304-1310: Daniel Star (ダニエル), Fifi (フィーフィー), Jody (ジョディ), Joey (ジョーイ), Kathy, Lorry, and Thomas from Sanrio Company.

September 8, 2008: Added to site, entry #1296-1303: Kitty White/Hello Kitty (ハローキティ), Anthony White (アンソニー), Margaret White (マーガレット), George White (ジョージ), Mary White (メアリー), Mimmy White (ミミィ), and Bear from Sanrio Company.

Just to add a bit of extra diversity to the mix around here, I bought a book about the Hello Kitty phenomenon. I didn't notice the kitty until at couple of years ago, so imagine my surprise to find out that the phenomenon was more than 30 years old. Anyway, despite being a big phenomenon with millions of pages, it is amazing how little actual information is available. It's the same few lines repeated over and over again, and the pictures (if present at all) are usually small and not very good. I can understand the lack of info on some of the obscure characters I write about, but this strikes me as odd.

September 3, 2008: Added to site, entry #1261-1295: Ayla Ranzz/Light Lass, Dirk Morgna/Sun Boy, Gim Allon/Micro Lad/Colossal Boy, Jan Arrah/Element Lad, Jo Nah/Ultra Boy, Luornu Durgo/Triplicate Girl, Lyle Norg/Invisible Kid, Nura Nal/Dream Girl, Querl Dox/Brainiac 5, Reep Daggle/Chameleon, Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy, Tasmia Mallor/Shadow Lass, Thom Kallor/Star Boy, Tinya Vazzo/Phantom Girl, and Val Armorr/Karate Kid, from the 2005 reboot of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Luornu Durgo/Luornu Durgo Taine/Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel from the pre-crisis version the Legion of Super-Heroes, all from DC Comics.

August 26, 2008: Added to site, entry #1249-1260: Talon/Adam, Bronze, Vashti, Tirynth, Elvin, Julius, and Sara from Big City Comics, and Mysa Nal/White Witch and Salu Digby/Shrinking Violet from DC Comics.

August 25, 2008: Added to site, entry #1248: Prince Dakkar from America's Best Comics. I finally got through Black Dossier and needed to update The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

August 21, 2008: Added to site, entry #1236-1247: Nura Nal/Dream Girl and Thom Kallor/Star Boy/Sir Prize/Starman from DC Comics, Barnabé, Cyprianus, Gédéon, Sargeant, and Thémistocle from Louis-Michel Carpentier's series Les Toyottes, and Astérix by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

August 19, 2008: I kinda liked Google Analytics, but lately I've gotten really tired of the way Google insists on burying my site and Analytics not making all the data available for me. It's things like I can see there has been visitors on a group of pages, but I can't see the keywords or where they are from, or the number of pageviews change depending on whether I look at landing pages or keywords. If I search for some of the pictures from my site, the sites stealing bandwidth by hot-linking to my things are shown way before my own site. So now you are being rewarded for being a thief? I don't mind providing Google with demographic data from my site, but not if all I get out of the effort is getting dumped on. No way! So, effective immediately, I'm removing the javascripts from Google Analytics.

August 7, 2008: Added to site, entry #1233-1235: Granny from Popeye the Sailor and Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe from J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter.

July 20, 2008: Added to site, entry #1229-1232: Marvin the Martian/Commander X-2 and K-9/Commander K-9 from Looney Tunes.

July 14, 2008: Added to site, entry #1227-1228: Pussyfoot and Marc Antony from Looney Tunes.

July 13, 2008: Okay, so the next couple of months are going to be a bit messy for those who have linked directly to some of my pages and pictures. Sins of the past so to speak. Back in the beginning I used spaces in the file and directory names. It was a Linux system I was working with, so I made file names that could be read so it was easier to manage the system. It made sense. For the most part it has worked really well, but there are some parts of the HTML codes, or possibly PHP, Asp or Java code, that can't handle spaces, even when written as %20. Somewhere along the line I got tired of looking at all the 404 error messages, so the spaces had to go. Also a couple of the directories I made turned out to be a bad idea, especially a misc. directory. Back then when I only had one language and no examples or wall papers, it made sense. Now... Not so much. Normaly you'd just rename the directories and make redirect 301 in the .htaccess file, and you'd be good to go, only redirect 301 can't handle spaces in file and directory names. The alternatives (I tried those too) made the site crash. Here's where my problem started: I had to rename some of the files and directories and I couldn't redirect. That left one solution: A 404 error page with a short explanation that redirected to the main page. A very elephant solution, but the only one.

Added to site, entry #1212-1226: Supreme, Achilles, Alan Keever, and Deborah Konigsberg/Masada from Rob Liefeld's Universe and Carin Lane/Velocity, Cassandra Lane/Ballistic, Dominique Thiebaut/Cyblade, Robert Bearclaw/Ripclaw, and Trent Peterson/Buzzcut from Top Cow.

July 9, 2008: Added to site, entry #1205-1211: Barnyard Dawg/George P. Dog/Mandrake/Rover, Charlie Dog/Rover, and Henery Hawk from Looney Tunes.

July 7, 2008: Added to site, entry #1202-1204: Raithan and Lupo from WildStorm and Sam Sheepdog from Looney Tunes.

June 23, 2008: So I've tried to promote organizations like Red Cross and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by putting links and graphics on the pages. I've also tried putting relevant links like on the Disney pages on the site and so on. Now it wasn't a disaster as no-one was hurt in any way and it didn't cost anyone anything other than the time I've used, it was just a waste of time and bandwidth. I still like the idea, but it has to be done differently, so I'm taking it down for now.

June 22, 2008: Added to site, entry #1196-1201: Ab-Death/The Dustwalker/The Bone Puppet, Frankenstein's Monster/The Lone One, and Justine Frankenstein from WildStorm.

June 19, 2008: After adding the last three links on the navigation pane, the pane became a bit too cluttered and difficult to read, so I had to rethink the list. Fortunately the css programming saves me a ton of work. Getting people to visit the forum has turned out to be difficult as I had anticipated. Part of it is from everyone and their grandmother having their own forum, so even sites like Toonopedia can't attract that many to its forum. This was expected. Part of it is most likely the navigation pane, that needed to be adjusted to the visitors can actually see it's there. Part of it is most likely that there isn't that much going on in there right now. That'll change as I get some reviews, questions and invitations posted... I hope... It's really just like starting a site. Setting it up is not enough, you have to put in a effort to get it noticed.

June 17, 2008: So, after much contemplating I have decided to add a board to my site. I'm still not convinced that it's a good idea. Then again, if it's a disaster I can always take it down again, and I might be wrong and it really is a good idea. For starters it's up and running, but I'm sure I have made some mistakes that I need to take care of in the next days (it usually works that way).

June 16, 2008: I've finally gotten the guestbook back after moving the site to another host. It could easily have been moved as it was, but I wanted to update the system to something a little more streamlined in regards to the programming. For the users, the difference is minimal, but for me it'll be a lot easier to weed out spam. I haven't had any problems with spam in ages, but as always with spam, it's only a matter of time before it starts up again.

I've also added a page with Wallpapers. From time to time I try to be a little creative, and maybe someone will find it useful. It's also an opportunity for small publishers to have their wallpapers presented a new place. So far it's only something I've done with Dark Ocean Studios, but who knows, other small publishers may be interested.

June 6, 2008: Added to site, entry #1185-1195: Big Joe, Boa, Brunus, Ergo, Giffe, Hønen, Marjorie, Randolph, Ræv, Stylte, and Zoofus from Torben Osted's series Fodring Forbudt.

May 26, 2008: Added to site, entry #1181-1184: Lucy Van Pelt, Frieda, Eudora, and Miss Othmar from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

May 23, 2008: Like the Harry Potter bios, I've been a little reluctant to do bios on the series Peanuts. I was under the impression that the series had been analyzed and described a million times on the net. A closer inspection revealed this to be wrong. Parts of the series has been done over and over again, but if you are looking for detailed information, the number of sources drops rapidly. Rather odd actually. Oh, well... Only one thing to do: Get cracking!

Added to site, entry #1167-1180: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally Brown, Woodstock, Linus Van Pelt, Schroeder, Patricia Reichardt/Peppermint Patty, Marcie/Marcie Johnson, Charlotte Braun, Patty, Shermy, and Violet Gray from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

May 19, 2008: There are some biographies that I've been unsure of whether I should make or not. The Harry Potter universe is one of them. It's not like info on the characters from Harry Potter is sparse, and the specialized sites can probably offer a lot more detailed information than I can. So why do it? Diversity is probably the best answer. The characters fits perfectly in a project like this as it covers a lot of ground in terms of types of characters and media and it comes from an old and rich tradition in storytelling. Also I'd feel really stupid having a site on fictional worlds and not include one as important as Harry Potter, especially since I'm one of the people who've enjoyed the books. I'm going to do the biographies as I get the time. They are rather time consuming and there are quite a lot of them so I'll try to fit them in between the (obscure) characters that are more in need of being highlighted.

Added to site, entry #1152-1166: Sam Barnes, Silo Tidley, Abe McGuffie, Sister Agnes, Algy, Evy, Funny Floyd, Foggy, Sam Barnes' grandmother, Jasper, Mr. Teetering, and Rosie from Jerry Dumas and Mort Walker's series Sam and Silo and Aragog, Grawp, and Gilderoy Lockhart from J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter.

May 5, 2008: Added to site, entry #1144-1151: Adriance Carpathia, Kel Ravvena, Seven Cross, Aleyen, Arrteck, Kero Padjyr, Leeyal, and Setrar Cydem from Dark Ocean Studios.

May 4, 2008: Added to site, entry #1140-1143: Hans, Grete, Claus and Søster from Helge Hall's series Hans og Grete.

April 25, 2008: So, I thought the coding on my site was fine. To some extent I was right, and for the user, things worked as they should. According to HTML 4.0 Strict as the norm I'm trying to use: No! Can't say for sure if it's important or not in regards to indexing. The most common notion is that it's not important as long as the spiders can follow the links and index the pages. Personally I can't stand sloppy programming, so the decision whether to correct the flaws or not, wasn't all that difficult. Also, sloppy programming may work fine at the time you make it, but at some point it's going to backfire at get you in a world of trouble. The net is full of poorly designed and programmed sites, and I get royally ticked off when I visit a page that only works with Internet Explorer because some sloppy programmer didn't bother using the right commands. *sigh* That little operation took a little more than two weeks of hard work, but now everything is according to the HTML 4.0 Strict specifications according to W3C.

Another change: After five years, the Site History page started getting a bit long, so I decided to split it up in years. Maybe it should have been two years per page. Who knows? If for some reason it turns out to be a bad idea with the current design, I can always change it.

April 2, 2008: Added to site, entry #1137-1139: Alphonse, Pigita, and Farina from Stephan Pastis' series Pearls Before Swine.

March 31, 2008: I've been having some problems with traffic in the last 6 months. At first I thought it was Google doing something stupid once again. I had a 20% drop in visitors back in early november which apparently was Google doing one of their infamous stunts to weed out the spam sites. They have done this before, and the last time my traffic was affected for about three months. After three months where nothing happened this time, I started getting suspicious. The traffic should have increased gradually, but nothing happened. Adding new pages always increase traffic. Not always a big increase, but I always get some increase in traffic. The past six months: Nothing! Nada! I can see that some of the pages I've added gives some traffic. Sufficient to be detectable as an increase in traffic. The total traffic: No change! Apparently increase in traffic one place causes a decrease in another place. My other site at reacts as could be expected. More pages gives more traffic, but here we are talking about a lot less traffic to begin with.

So I started digging. Apparently has a reputations for closing down sites when they have too much traffic, even though they claim to have no limit to their traffic, and also it appears they've had som problems with stability of the servers. Now I don't know if the problem is actually at, but considering that I have more traffic than many professional sites, I thought I'd give it a shot with a new web hotel with a reputation for being top notch.

March 11, 2008: Added to site, entry #1135-1136: Mekt Ranzz/Lightning Lord from DC Comics.

The javascript I made for Google's tracking system did not work for some reason. It did execute like it was supposed to, the commands from Google just didn't work when they were executed like that. I've seen this type of problem before. It's not uncommon, and while there may be a way to get around the problem, I decided to just change the code on all pages. When I get a little better at java, I'll take another shot at the problem.

March 9, 2008: While I'm not extremely impressed by Google's tracking system, it does provide some useful information. One thing that has bothered me was the code that is needed on each page for the thing to work. What would happen when I needed to change it? I would need to change it on all my pages. When I put tracking codes on my Pilgaard site, I discovered, that they actually had changed the code needed, or rather, a new and better code was available. *sigh* So this would be the time to get something done about a javascript that could call other javascripts. For starters I'm trying the script on a few pages where I have traffic every day, and if it works, I'll change it on all the pages... If not, I'll probably see the number of visitors drop to zero on the charts. The script does not affect seing the pages. That part I have checked.

March 3, 2008: Added to site, entry #1119-1134: Kara Zor-El/Supergirl/Linda Lee Danvers, Grimbor, Lydda Jath/Night Girl, Ulu Vakk/Color Kid, Ral Benem/Chlorophyll Kid, Tharok, Persuader, Mano, Saryva/Emerald Empress, and Validus from DC Comics.

March 2, 2008: Added to site, entry #1116-1118: Adam Strange and Nikos Aegeus/Aegeus from DC Comics.

March 1, 2008: Way back when I started out, I wanted to do and indexing by race. The idea was good, but with the design back then, it was way too messy to work with and too difficult to maintain. Today I uploaded the (incomplete) index by race based on the structure from country of origin and continuity. I'll update as I go along, and hopefully I'll be done soon.

February 29, 2008: Added to site, entry #1109-1115: Abel, Rath, Abnegazar, Ghast, and Abhararakadhararbarakh/Citizen Abra/Abra Kadabra from DC Comics.

February 26, 2008: I removed the pages about the various continuities. The pages were out of date and it's not an important part of what I do here. What I had in mind with those pages is done much better on other sites, and I don't have the time or interest in keeping them up to date, so I found it better to just remove them.

February 20, 2008: Added to site, entry #1106-1108: Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh and Timmy from South Park.

Yesterday it was the site's fifth anniversary. Amazing how time flies. Five years and 1.3 million visitors from around 150 countries. Not to pat myself too much on the back, but that's not half bad for a single nerd.

February 17, 2008: Added to site, entry #1096-1105: Matches Malone, Lex Luthor/Alexei Luthor, Lex Luthor, and Lex Luthor/Lex Luthor II from DC Comics and Penance from Marvel Comics. Kal-L/Superman/Clark Kent/Man of Steel was split out as a separate file from the Silver Age version of Superman (DC Comics).

February 11, 2008: Added to site, entry #1089-1095: Carlt, Folmer, Mr. Maehløs, Chefen, Miss Siskensen, Duller, and Tommytot from Holger Philipsen's series Carlt.

January 29, 2008: Added to site, entry #1076-1088: Stykman, Al, Buck Nekid, General Sod, Jolly Roger, Handsome Dan, Mr. I.N. Ferno, and Lucy Furr, from a.k.a. Comics and Dustin Geoff/Ivory, Terrance Desilva/Ebony, and Louisa Mendez from Creative Impulse Entertainment.

I've been working on a few things lately. I wanted a sorting of the characters by country of origin; this is added today. Don't know if its going to be used (for some reason I can't predict what the readers like), but is seems like a good idea. The other thing I've been working on is promoting organisations and causes I think are worth promoting, e.g. humanitarian organisations like Red Cross/Red Crescent and Doctors Without Bordes where people are putting their life on the line to help others. I've been doing it for a while now, but I finally got around to doing it as a javascrips so it becomes dynamic and easy to add new organisations. I haven't had the time to add the script to all the pages, but I'm working on it.

January 23, 2008: Added to site, entry #1073-1075: Tabby and Chip and Dale from Disney.

January 21, 2008: Added to site, entry #1072: Melody from Disney.

January 19, 2008: Added to site, entry #1070-1071: Gladstone Gander and Magica De Spell from Disney.

January 15, 2008: Added to site, entry #1065-1069: The Jaquar, Nathan Blackbird/Blackbird, and Dragoness/Blood Queen from WildStorm.

January 6, 2008: Added to site, entry #1051-1064: Laevar Bolto/Cosmic King, Jan Arrah/Mystery Lad/Element Lad, and Lar Gand/Mon-El/Marvel Lad from pre-crisis DC Comics, and Miles Jeremiah Craven, Armand Sebastian Waering, Drakken/Beast Prince, and Persephone/Red from WildStorm.

January 4, 2008: Added to site, entry #1010-1050: Warren Kenneth Worthington III/Angel/Death/Dark Angel/Archangel/Avenging Angel, Yukio/Wild One, Abe Brown/Black Tiger, Lin Sun, and Bob Diamond from Marvel Universe 616, pre-crisis versions of Zaxton Regulus/Doctor Regulus, Computo, Dag Wentim/Stone Boy, Dawnstar, and Ganglios/Tellus from DC Comics, and Jackson Michael Dane/Arclight/Dane, Rachel Lynn Rhodes/Mother-One/Mother, Joel Salvador Alonday II/Grail, Joseph Herman Mendoza/Bulldozer/Dozer, Dexter Cord LeMoyne/Jester, Clayton Hendrick Maure/Claymore, Maritza Blackbird/Pilgrim, Jason C. Phillips/Flattop, and Nicholas A. Jones/Crossbones from WildStorm.

I got the excellent idea of adding a country of origin complete with a little flag and a link to the country on all the pages. It does add a nice bit of info and color to the pages, but what a crappy job to do (I still have a few left to do). At the same time I did a little tweaking on the programming. Nothing the readers will discover, just something that makes maintenance easier.

So, a new year awaits. In less than two months it'll be five years on-line.