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Gail Sanders: [USA] A nuclear physicist in Atom Valley (Gold Key).

Galo Trovador: [USA] Brazilian and Portuguese name for the bard Alan-a-Dale from Disney's version of Robin Hood.

Ganglios: [USA] Tellus, the pre-crisis version of the telekinetic and telepathic legionnaire (DC Comics).

Garfield: [USA] Jim Davis' famous fat cat.

Garth: [USA] Atlantean from DC Comics (pre-crisis Earth-1, post-crisis Earth-0).

Garth Ranzz:

Gaylord Buzzard: [USA] The intellectual buzzard from Russell Myers' series Broom-Hilda.

Gédéon: [Belgium] One of the soldiers from Louis-Michel Carpentier's series Les Toyottes.

George P. Dog: [USA] Temporary name for Barnyard Dawg (Looney Tunes).

Ghast: [USA] Demon from DC Comics.

Giant-Man: [USA] Henry Pym, the original Giant-Man from the Marvel Universe (616 continuity).

Giffe: [Danmark] Giraffen fra Torben Osteds serie Fodring Forbudt.

Gilbert: [USA] Goofy's clever nephew and Super Goof's sidekick (Disney).

Gilderoy Lockhart: [United Kingdom] The intept author and teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts from J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter.

Gim Allon:

Giraffen: [Sweden] The toy giraffe from Rune Andréasson's series Pellefant.

Gladstone Gander: [USA] The World's luckiest duck (Disney).

Gloria: [Brasil] Fethry's hippie girlfriend and partner in crime fighting (Disney).

Goat: [USA] The goat from Stephan Pastis' series Pearls Before Swine.


Goofy: [USA] The famous dog from Disney.

Gossamer: [USA] Ayla Ranzz, the Glorithverse, Batch SW6 version of the Legionnaire with the ability to make objects lighter (DC Comics).

Grage, Tony: [Danmark] Dansk illustrator og forfatter.

Grandpa Beagle: [USA] The Beagle Boys' grandfather (Disney).

Granny: [USA] Popeye the Sailor's grandmother.

Granny Naps: [USA] Engelsk navn for Sams bedstemor Tante Nips, fra Jerry Dumas og Mort Walkers serie Sam og Silo.

Grawp: [United Kingdom] The half-giant/half-brother of Hagrid from J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter.

Gregory Goyle: [United Kingdom] One of the Slytherin students at Hogwarts from J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter.

Green Arrow:

Green Giant, The: [USA] Robert Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Green Lantern: [USA] Alan Wellington Scott, the first Green Lantern from DC Comics (pre-crisis Earth-2, post-crisis Earth-0).

Green Scar, The: [USA] Robert Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Grelber: [USA] The insulting creature in the hollow tree from Russell Myers' series Broom-Hilda.

Grete: [Denmark] The mother in Helge Hall's series Hans og Grete.

Gri-Grill: [Frankrig] Dragon from Julio Ribera's series Dracurella.

Grimbor: [USA] The pre-crisis LSH villain with the ability to chain opponents (DC Comics).

Guida Paiva: [Brasil] The mother of the family living next door to Biquinho and Fethry (Disney).

Gyro Gearloose: [USA] The inventor from Disney.

Gøjen: [Denmark] The parrot from Carla and Vilhelm Hansen's series Rasmus Klump.