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Wade: [USA] The duck who is afraid of almost anything from Jim Davis's series U.S. Acres.

Wall Flower: [USA] Character from Jim Krueger's series Foot Soldiers.

Wally Gator [USA] The alligator at City Zoo (Hanna & Barbera).

Walter Joseph Kovacs: [USA] Character from Alan Moore's Watchmen (DC Comics).

Walther: [Belgium] The steward from François Walthéry and Gos' series Natacha.

War: [USA] Robert Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Warren Kenneth Worthington III: [USA] The mutant mostly known as Angel from Marvel Universe (616 continuity).

Web, The: [USA] John Raymond, the DC Comics Red Circle version of The Web.

Wendell Vaughn: [USA] Quasar, the super-hero with the yellow hard-light constructions from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Wendi Hickenbottom: [USA] Character from Broadway Comics.

Wendy Elizabeth: [USA] One of the kids from Eek! The Cat (Fox Kids).

Wendy McKinnes: [USA] Character from Avalon Studios.

White Witch: [USA] Mysa Nal, the pre-crisis version of the witch from the Legion of Super-Heroes (DC Comics).

Wild Bill Hickok: [USA] Alan Moore's version of the famous US Marshal from Rob Liefeld's revised Universe.

Wild One: [USA] Yukio, assassin/adventurer from Marvel Universe 616.

Wildfire: [USA] Drake Burroughs, the pre-crisis version of the Legionnaire of anti-energy (DC Comics).

Wile E. Coyote: [USA] The famous coyote from Looney Tunes.

Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall: [USA] Princess Projectra, the 2005 reboot version of the Legionnaire with the ability to cast illusions (DC Comics).

Willemse: [Netherlands] Caretaker at the Dutch intelligence agency from Martin Lodewijk's series Agent 327.

William: [USA] Character from Broadway Comics.

William Dalton: [Belgium] One of the Dalton brothers from Morris' series Lucky Luke.

William Harper Littlejohn: [USA] The archeologist and geologist Johnny from Lester Dent's pulp series Doc Savage.

Wilma Flagstone: [USA] The original name for Wilma Flintstone from Hanna & Barbera's Flintstones.

Wilma Flintstone: [USA] The Stone Age house wife from Hanna & Barbera's Flintstones.

Wimpy: [USA] The hamburger loving cheapskate from Elzie Crisler Segar's series Popeye.

Witch Hazel: [USA] The Salem Witch from Disney.

Woodstock: [USA] The little yellow bird from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

Wroth: [USA] Character from Dale Keown's part of the original Image Universe/Full Bleed.

Wu Manchu: [Netherlands] Martin Lodewijk's parody on Fu Manchu from his series Agent 327.