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December 20, 2004: Added to site, entry #570-573: Wile E. Coyote/Ralph Wolf and Road Runner/Beep Beep from Looney Tunes.

November 28, 2004: Added to site, entry #559-569: Indiana Pipps, Witch Hazel and Beelzebub, Madame Mim/ Mad Madame Mim, Tiny the dog, Scamp, and Three Little Pigs/ Practical Pig/ Fiddler Pig/ Fifer Pig from Disney.

October 26, 2004: Added to site, entry #545-558: Li'l Bad Wolf, Zeke Midas Wolf/ Big Bad Wolf, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, Huey/Huebert, Dewey/Deuteronomy, Louie/Louis and Phooey Duck, The Junior Woodchucks, and Phantom Blot from Disney.

Reading all these old Disney stories is a blast. I have even started buying new stories, which is the first time since 1984. The research for the Disney character on the other hand is a royal pain. 70+ years of history with various retcons takes forever to sort thru.

October 13, 2004: Just passed 50,000 visits to my site. Only one thing to say about that: YAY!!

September 25, 2004: Added to site, entry #539-544: Mickey Mouse, Pluto/Rover and Goofy/Super Goof/Dippy Dawg from Disney.

September 10, 2004: I got a mail from, a Dutch comic site, that WeirdSpace had been selected as site of the day. Much appreciated!

August 17, 2004: Added to site, entry #535-538: Benoît Brisefer, Jules Dussiflard, and Madame Adolphine/Lady d'Olphine from Peyo's series Benoît Brisefer.

August 7, 2004: Added to site, entry #533-534: De tre små mænd and Nummermanden from Storm P.'s series De tre små mænd og nummermanden.

July 5, 2004: Added to site, entry #532: Oscar Jacobsson's classic character Adamson.

May 21, 2004: The other day I found out that using spaces in URLs is a bad idea. It seems that not all robots can follow URLs where space is not HTML-coded as %20. That explains some of the strange broken links reported on my statistics page. Only one thing to do: Change the spaces into %20 in all the links. The URLs should be recoded now, but I'll propably find a few that I've missed.

May 6, 2004: Added to site, entry #527-531: Gyro Gearloose/Dr. G, Little Helper/Li'l Bulb, and Emil Eagle from Disney.

April 26, 2004: Added to site, entry #524-526: Moby Duck, Dim-Witty, and Porpy from Disney/Gold Key.

Edited: Habeas Corpus, Chemistry, and Patricia Savage from Lester Dent's pulp series Doc Savage.

April 12, 2004: Added to site, entry #507-523: Morgan Stryker, Percival Wainright III/Black Anvil, Lane Quintana/Tempest, Razor/Kill Razor, Trace O'Donnell/Bloodbow, Sh'rrnnn/Bloodbow, Felix Abbott/Death's Angel, Tommy Rourke/Phade, and Jack/Icarus from Image/TopCow.

April 10, 2004: Added to site, entry #498-506: Rasmus Klump, Skæg, Pelle, Pingo, Knalle, Gøjen, Pildskadden, and Jabiduttiperslikkenberg/Frømand from from Carla and Vilhelm Hansen's series Rasmus Klump.

March 31, 2004: I have made some minor ajustments on the layout and added a guestbook.

Added to site, entry #486-497: Max Boldd/Vendetta, Blackjac/Spence Hillman/Jack Spencer, Hardedge, Nick Pugh/Arson, Scandal, and Tajana Juarez/Vort-X/Vortex from Shadowline, Jim Valentino's part of the original Image Universe.

March 16, 2004: Added to site, entry #484-485: Little Toot and Big Toot from Disney/Gold Key.

March 5, 2004: Added to site, entry #477-483: Paul Johnstone/ShadowHawk, Liquifier, ShadowHawk robot, Eddie Collins/ShadowHawk and U.S. Male from Shadowline, Jim Valentino's part of the original Image Universe.

February 23, 2004: Added to site, entry #459-476: Hendrik IJzerbroot/Agent 327, Barend, Betsy, Willemse, Carl Sorge/Agent 525/Charly Sorrow, De Chef, Olga Lawina, Boris Kloris, Melody, Dr. Maybe, Fi-Doh, Wu Manchu, Abraham Zondag, Franciscus Tietjerksteradeel, and Mata Hair from Martin Lodewijk's series Agent 327.

For various reason names get changed when stories are translated. Some of them makes sense, e.g. if the name contains some sort of symbolism, and some of them don't. The character Agecanonix (referring to canonical age i.e. the elder) becoming Geriatrix in the UK makes sense while Odie becoming Futte in Danish makes no sense. To help the people who are looking for information on the Net I have added a new page with translations of names in my site.

February 20, 2004: Added to site, entry #457-458: Sammy Day and Jack Attaway from Berck and Cauvin's series Sammy.

February 19, 2004: First year anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been a year already.

January 12, 2004: Just passed visitor number 10,000 on the site.

January 11, 2004: Added to site, entry #444-456: Wilhelmina Murray/Mina Murray/Mina Harker, Allan Quatermain, Nemo, Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, Campion Bond, Hawley Griffin/The Invisible Man/Rodney Skinner, and James Moriarty/M from America's Best Comics (ABC).

January 2, 2004: Added to site, entry #430-443: Kildare, The Pug, Childe Roland, Iblis, Dionysos/Dion, Ondine, Robin Goodfellow/Puck, The Sphinx, Gwynnion/Mad Ginny, Nathan Ellstings and Wendy McKinnes from Avalon Studios.