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December 30, 2012: The site's 10 year anniversary is approaching fast. It has been a hectic year, with a redesign for tablets and smartphones (that took quite some time), and the spin-off Fortunately I've also had a little time for doing new articles for the site, and we're set for another year of digging through the history of pop culture... 2013, here we come!... Rock'n'Roll!!

November 24, 2012: I have removed the Danish blog I installed a couple of years ago. I didn't have the time or the urge to write a blog, but you can't really know this until you have tried. Well I tried, and it wasn't for me. The few pages I did write didn't draw many visitors either... which actually makes a lot of sense. Why go there if there is nothing new and entertaining?

I forgot to note when I removed Google Analytics, but I did. I have also removed Google's Webmaster Tools. Best thing I've done in ages. I have always found it annoying that Analytics only registered some of the visits, but they were still better than the alternatives. With the current do-not-track technology and the revelation of distasteful things Google, Facebook and a lot of other sites have done, it occurred to me that the time for Google Analytics and similar products had passed. It makes you chase an illusion, which I assume is to their benefit, rather than the actual prize, i.e. visitors finding what they need. I still miss having a tool for seeing which pages the visitors like and how they found the pages, but so far it has turned out that my gut instincts works better than chasing the illusion presented by Google's Analytics and Webmaster Tools... Oh!... and the site map you just have to have so Google and the other search engines can index your pages. No you don't... It has no impact on the indexing of your site. It's a load of crap!

April 20, 2012: Finally finished the transfer yesterday. There are still a few links to the old structure on this site to be removed, but at least the hard part is done.

April 5, 2012: I've been thinking about splitting parts of the site off to another site, for some time now. While I do like the idea of having everything placed on the same site, the site structure became cluttered and annoying to maintain. Especially since the databases and e-texts have some other requrements than the rest of the site, did the development of these parts head off in another direction than the rest of the site. Better to split up in two sites, so I did. I bought the name and space today, and in the next couple of days I'll start the transfer.

January 6, 2012: New year... New challenges... The things I got rolling in 2011 with the Digital Library and the databases turned out to be a good idea. Guess I'll be doing a lot more of that in 2012.