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Hades: [Greece] The ruler of the Underworld from Greek Mythology.

Hal Chandler: [USA] The live part of the original 3D-Man (Marvel Universe, 616 continiuty).

Hamlet: [United Kingdom] William Shakespeares Prins af Danmark.

Hangman, The: [USA] Robert Dickering, the immortal avenger from DC Comics Red Circle.

Hans: [Denmark] The father in Helge Hall's series Hans og Grete.

Hans Haan: [USA] Dutch name for the bard Alan-a-Dale from Disney's version of Robin Hood, used in the movie.

Harald-les-beaux-cheveux: [Belgium] The Viking king from Marcel Remacle and Marcel Denis' series Hultrasson le Viking.

Hard Haid Moe: [USA] The hermit from Disney.

Hardware: [USA] Criminal from Erik Larsen's part of the original Image Universe.

Harleen Quinzel: [USA] Harley Quinn, a villain from DC Comics (post-crisis Earth-0).

Harley Quinn: [USA] Harleen Quinzel, a villain from DC Comics (post-crisis Earth-0).

Haroun El Poussah: [Frankrig] The benevolent Caliph from René Goscinny and Jean Tabary's series Iznogoud.

Harry Twiddles [USA] Mr. Twiddles full name in the series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (Hanna & Barbera).

Hart Druiter: [USA] Nemesis Kid, the pre-crisis version of the villain with the adaptive powers.

Hawthorne: [USA] The hermit crab from Jim Toomey's series Sherman's Lagoon.

Hebe: [Greece] A daughter of Zeus and Hera, and the wife of Herakles from Greek Mythology.

Hel: [Iceland, Scandinavia] The ruler of Niflheim from Norse Mythology.

Hendrik IJzerbroot: [Netherlands] Martin Lodewijk's secret Dutch agent, Agent 327.

Henery Hawk: [USA] The small chickenhawk who is not quite sure what a chicken looks like (Looney Tunes).

Henry: [USA] Original name for Pepé Le Pew from Looney Tunes.

Henry Pym: [USA] The hero who became Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket (Marvel Universe, 616 continuity).

Hermes: [Greece] The messenger of the Greek gods.

Hjulhunden: [Sweden] The toy dog from Rune Andréasson series Pellefant.

Hobbes: [USA] The (toy)tiger from Bill Watterson's series Calvin and Hobbes.

Hobby Hipp: [Norge] Sissel Solems barn af 1970'erne.

Hokey Wolf [USA] Hanna and Barbera's slacker and con artist.

Hollis Mason: [USA] The first Nightowl from Alan Moore's Watchmen (DC Comics).

Horseman: [USA] Immortal warrior from Kevlar Studios.

Hr. Maehløs: [Denmark] The owner of Maehløs & Co. from Holger Philipsen's series Carlt.

Hr. Vindhas: [USA] En af de ældre borgere i Ndr. Andemose, fra Jerry Dumas og Mort Walkers serie Sam og Silo.

Huckleberry Hound: [USA] Hanna & Barbera's blue dog.

Huebert Duck: [USA] Huey Duck's real name in the cartoon series Quack Pack (Disney).

Huey Duck: [USA] One of Donald Duck's three nephews Disney.

Hugo Habicht: [USA] German name for Emil Eagle, the evil genius from Disney.

Hugo Sępal: [USA] Polish name for Emil Eagle, the evil genius from Disney.

Hulk: [USA] Robert Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Hultrasson: [Belgium] Marcel Remacle and Marcel Denis' viking.

Hyperion: [Greece] Sun god from the original Greek Mythology.

Høne: [Denmark] Hønen fra Torben Osteds serie Fodring Forbudt.