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Mad Madame Mim: [USA] Disney's version of T.H. White's character.

Madame Adolphine: [Belgium] Robot from Peyo's series Benoît Brisefer.

Madame Mim: [USA] Disney's version of T.H. White's character.

Mads: [USA] Pedellen på borgmesterens kontor i Ndr. Andemose, fra Jerry Dumas og Mort Walkers serie Sam og Silo.

Magica De Spell [USA] The witch trying to get Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime (Disney).

Magilla Gorilla: [USA] Hanna & Barbera's pet gorilla that could not be sold.

Maid Marian: [USA] The Disney version of Robin Hood's sweetheart, from the cartoon Robin Hood.

Mailman, The: [USA] Character from Jim Davis' series Garfield & Friends.

Man of Steel:

Man of the Atom: [USA] Character from Gold Key.

Mandrake: [USA] Temporary name used for Barnyard Dawg (Looney Tunes).

Mano: [USA] The pre-crisis version of the member of the Fatal Five with the desintegrating hand (DC Comics).

Marc Antony: [USA] The bulldog with the cute kitten (Looney Tunes).

Marcie: [USA] The smart girl from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

Marcie Johnson: [USA] Marcie's name in the Peanuts cartoons.

Marjorie: [Denmark] Den ene af dompapperne fra Torben Osteds serie Fodring Forbudt.

Mark Grayson: [USA] Character from Robert Kirkman's part of the Image Universe.

Marvel Lad: [USA] Temporary alias for the pre-crisis version of the Daxamite legionnaire Lar Gand/Mon-El (DC Comics).

Marvel Man: [USA] Original name for Wendell Vaughn/Quasar (Marvel Universe, 616 continiuty).

Marvin the Martian: [USA] The Martian conqueror from Looney Tunes.

Masked Marvel: [USA] Robbie Baldwin, the kinetic hero from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Mata Hair: [Netherlands] CIA agent from Martin Lodewijk's series Agent 327.

Matches Malone: [USA] Batman's undercover identity as a crook (DC Comics, pre-crisis Earth-1, post-crisis Earth-0).

Mateo Burland: [USA] The Black Hood from DC Comics Red Circle.

Matilda: [USA] Gyro Gearloose's girlfriend (Disney).

Matter-Eater Lad: [USA] Tenzil Kem, the Glorithverse, Batch SW6 version of the Legionnaire with the ability to eat anything (DC Comics).

Matthew Michael Murdock: [USA] Daredevil, the blind super-hero from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Max Møller: [Danmark] Det oprindelige navn på Dick Danger fra serien Inspector Danger's Krimi-Quiz.

May Duck: [USA] One of Daisy Duck's three nieces (Disney).

Megan: [USA] The female white shark from Jim Toomey's series Sherman's Lagoon.

Meico: [USA] The medic from Alien Legion.

Mekt Ranzz: [USA] Lightning Lord, the pre-crisis LSH villain with electrical powers (DC Comics).


Mercy: [USA] Abigail Mercy Wright, an angel of mercy from Marvel Universe (616 continiuty).

Mia Dearden: [USA] The second Speedy from DC Comics (post-crisis Earth-0).

Michiel: [Frankrig] Hollandsk og sydafrikansk navn for François, drengen som ofte følger Barbapapa og hans familie på deres eventyr, fra Annette Tison og Talus Taylors serie Barbapapa.

Mickey Mouse: [USA] The famous mouse from Disney.

Micro Lad: [USA] The name Gim Allon/Colossal Boy originally wanted to use (2005 reboot version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, DC Comics).

Midgard Serpent: [Iceland, Scandinavia] The serpent surrounding Midgard in the Norse Mythology.

Midnight Doctor: [USA] Pieter Anton Cross, the 3rd Dr. Mid-Nite from DC Comics (post-crisis Earth-0).

Mike Murdock: [USA] An alias Matt Murdock used early in his career as Daredevil (Marvel Universe, 616 continiuty).

Milton Kroft: [USA] Deuces Wilde, the villain with the ability to see the future, from DC Comics Red Circle.

Minnie Mouse: [USA] Mickey Mouse's girlfriend (Disney).

Miss Othmar: [USA] One of the teachers from Charles M. Schulz's series Peanuts.

Miss Wormwood: [USA] The teacher from Bill Watterson's series Calvin and Hobbes.

Missus Bear: [USA] The sweet and charming wife of Bre'r Bear (Disney).

Mister L: [Spain] German name for Vicente/El Súper from Mortadelo y Filemón.

Mitigüeso pistolero: [Chile] Oprindelige navn for Bang Bang Sam, Vicars pantomime-cowboy.

Moby Duck: [USA] The whaler from Disney/Gold Key.

Moe: [USA] The bully from Bill Watterson's series Calvin and Hobbes.


Mom Arbuckle: [USA] Jon Arbuckle's mother from Jim Davis' series Garfield & Friends.

Momsemor: [Danmark] Werner Wejp-Olsens legesyge og stærke, gamle dame fra hans serie Momsemor.

Mon-El: [USA] Most common name for the pre-crisis version of the Daxamite legionnaire Lar Gand (DC Comics).

Monster of Ván: [Iceland, Scandinavia] The big wolf from Norse Mythology.

Morcego Vermelho: [Brasil] Fethry Duck's superhero alter ego (Disney).

Mortadelo: [Spain] The secret agent of T.I.A. from Fransisco Ibáñez' series Mortadelo y Filemón.

Morty Fieldmouse: [USA] One of Mickey's two nephews (Disney).

Mother Saxton: [USA] One of the church mice helping Friar Tuck from Disney's version of Robin Hood.

Motormouse: [USA] The race driver mouse from Hanna & Barbera's Motormouse and Autocat.

Möwe Jonathan, Die: [USA] Tysk navn for Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bachs berømte havmåge.

Mr. Lion: [USA] Character from Jim Krueger's series Foot Soldiers.

Mr. Peebles: [USA] Hanna & Barbera's owner of the pet shop where Magilla Gorilla lived.

Mr. Teetering: [USA] Det engelske navn for Hr. Vindhas, en af Ndr. Andemoses ældre borgere, fra Jerry Dumas og Mort Walkers serie Sam og Silo.

Mr. Twiddles: [USA] The zookeper at City Zoo who looks after Wally Gator (Hanna & Barbera).

Muttley: [USA] Hanna & Barbera's race driver and pilot.

Mysa Nal: [USA] The pre-crisis version of the White Witch from the Legion of Super-Heroes (DC Comics).

Mysko: [Sweden] A good witch from Rune Andréasson's series Pellefant.

Mystery Lad: [USA] Original name for the pre-crisis version of the Legionnaire Jan Arrah/Element Lad (DC Comics).