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Stykman Eyes: Two pieces of wood
Hair: None, three leaves
Race: Stickman

Occupation: Hero
Marital Status: Single

Story: When the hero Buck Nekid stopped his career, he left a big void that had to be filled. Stykman saw this as his calling in life, and started out as the new hero in town.

Equipment: Stykman uses a uranium enriched R-34 spinjibber (a Hippity-Hop Ball of uranium enriched rubber), a 3 in 1 official Red Ryder carbine-action 150-shot range model pistol with wafer, swash, and effervescent modes respectively. For transportation he has the suped-up big wheel bike called the HAWG (Hydrogen-enhanced, All Wheel Go-bike).

Continuity: a.k.a. Comics Continuity
Publisher(s): a.k.a. Comics
First app.: The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #1 (2005)
Creator(s): Jonnie Allan
Country of origin: USA USA

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