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December 18, 2005: Added to site, entry #689-692: Goat, Pig, Rat, and Zebra from Stephan Pastis' series Pearls Before Swine.

December 17, 2005: I haven't had much time for working on my site, but I do some drawings from time to time. Since the pictures are often more popular than the text I have added the entries with only a little text. The South Park pictures are actually quite old as they are some of the first pictures I made myself for the site.

Added to site, entry #675-688: Chief O'Hara, Minnie Mouse, Tramp, and Scrooge McDuck/Uncle Scrooge from Disney, Dick Dastardly, Klunk, Zilly, Muttley, and Yankee Doodle Pigeon from Hanna & Barbera's cartoons, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Stan Marsh from South Park.

August 28, 2005: Added to site, entry #661-674: Alfred Pennyworth/The Outsider and Arnold Wesker/Ventriloquist/Scarface from DC Comics and John Cooper Hawksmoor/Jack Hawksmoor, Nataly Lakota Redbird/Redbird, Gem Antonelli/Copycat and Amanda Reed/Taboo/Red from Image/WildStorm.

July 13, 2005: Added to site, entry #650-660: Angelica Jones/Firestar from Marvel, Garth/Aqualad/Tempest, Alan Wellington Scott/Green Lantern/Sentinel and Jennifer-Lynn Hayden/Jade from DC Comics and Enigma from Rob Liefelds original Image Universe.

July 8, 2005: Up until now I have tried to stay clear of the major characters with way too much and too messy history. A lot of the characters are quite well described at other sites specialized in Marvel or DC characters anyway... but some are really not. At the same time, sites come and go, and sites I thought would stay on-line for years are gone.

After two and a half years on-line, it is obvious that what I do here is worth the effort. A lot of visitors are people looking for pictures, but from the search strings and entry pages I can see that just as many come here looking for information. This is where the problems start. While not having sufficient info for what I would consider a really good article, I still have some usefull information that others may be looking for. Also from my experience in scientific databases, the best databases are made by starting a file and expanding it as the data comes in.

With that in mind I'll start making the entries.

Added to site, entry #629-649: Hel from Norse Mythology, Jack Bradley/Jack O'Lantern and Mickey Graves/Mickey Tombs/Knight Sabre from both Rob Liefeld's part of the original Image universe and his revised Universe, Kal-El/Kal-L/Clark Kent/Superboy/Superman/The Man of Steel/Nightwing/Jordan Elliot and Kal-El/Clark Joseph Kent/Superman/The Man of Steel from DC Comics and Jack Truman/Agent 18/Deathlok from Marvel Comics.

June 29, 2005: Added to site, entry #621-628: Brer Bear, April, May and June Duck, Gilbert/Super Gilbert/Super Gilly and Jock from Disney.

June 1, 2005: Added to site, entry #612-620: Abner Ravenworth/The Jack, Julia Ravenworth/The Jack and Gloriana Demeter/Glory/Gloria West from Rob Liefelds original Image Universe, and Dylan Cruise/Heatwave from TopCow.

May 29, 2005: Apart from the occational attempt to spam my guestbook from newcomers, the spamming has stopped. The spammers usually try a few times, presumably using different approaches to get around the system, and then they give up.

Added to site, entry #607-611: Fethry Duck/Morcego Vermelho, Clarabelle Cow, Missus Bear from Disney and Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes.

May 16, 2005: Getting rid of the spam in my guestbook was both more difficult and easier than expected. Somehow one of the spammers was able to get around my java programming. Nuts! Oh well... Now any message is accepted and quaratined. It'll not be shown until it's released by me. It's a little more work than before but it's okay for a chance to flip the bird at the spammers.

May 15, 2005: I discovered that some ass-wipe has been using my guestbook for spamming activities. Searching the web I discovered that it is actually something, which is done extensively in guestbooks. What an pathetic bunch of morons. I have updated the programming to take care of at least part of the problem. At the moment the control procedure is rather primitive, but it'll be upgraded as I get better at Java and PHP programming.

May 11, 2005: Added to site, entry #605-606: Brigitta and Filo Sganga from Disney.

May 2, 2005: Added to site, entry #599-604: Russell Myers' Broom-Hilda, Gaylord Buzzard, Grelber, Irwin Troll and Nerwin and Disney's Battista

April 25, 2005: Added to site, entry #592-598: Steve Pops/Agent H2O by Jacques Devos, Den Tossede Tegner by Mogens Jørgensen, Alfredo, Alfredo Jr., and Mrs. Alfredo by Mogens Jørgensen and Cosper Cornelius, and Hobby Hipp by Sissel Solem

April 14, 2005: Passed 100,000 visitors on my site today. I would have passed this mark a little earlier, but my ISP did some upgrading of the statistics page, which for some reason reduced my visitors count by 1000 or so... of course it could also be the old counter that didn't show the right number of visitors.

February 13, 2005: Added to site, entry #584-591: Jackson Kirby and James Butler Hickok/Wild Bill Hickok from Rob Liefeld's Universe, Speedy Gonzales from Looney Tunes, and Brenda Lewis/Killjoy and Boomer O'Shea/Impact from Image/TopCow.

January 11, 2005: As the site grows I try to optimize it. In the beginning it was enough to write the name of the character or organization and write "Character from..." or "Organization from..." but with the current size a new format was required. I have added the country of origin for the entries and started making better descriptions for the entries. It's going to be a little while before I'm done with this. The North American countries are written in blue and European countries are in green. The remaining areas will presumably be South America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Australia/New Zealand. The areas and the color codes I'll use will be determined as the need arises.

January 1, 2005: Added to site, entry #574-583: Trusty/Old Trusty from Disney, Ares and Hyperion from Greek Mythology and Surtr, Jörmungandr/Midgard Serpent/Vast Monster, and Fenris Wolf/Monster of Ván from Norse Mythology.