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December 30, 2013: 2013 wasn't a big year for this site. Lots of reasons, and some of them are even valid, but still a shame I didn't get more work done here. The claim authorship actually looks as if it works! Not as well as Google want us to believe, but still... It looks as if it actually works. Anyway, 2014... here we come! Time to let this site grow again!

April 20, 2013: Apparently one of the new big things in getting Google to stop treating your work on the net as spam or crap, is by claiming authorship of your work. Obviously this means forcing owners to use Google+ which I find annoying, but understandable. Understandable as it promotes their social network, and it may actually make astroturfing more difficult and less profitable. Annoying as it means a lot of extra work and you don't get any choices in regards to where or how you want to set up the author profile. Personally I think it is just another way for Google to abuse their position and without any actual effect. The basic idea is sound, so I hope it actually works, which is why I spend the time adding the code to my site... but I doubt it.

March 10, 2013: A couple of years ago I made a script for random display of logos and links to various publishers on all the pages. I also made a random show of causes I found recommendable, e.g. Red Cross. From a technological point of view they worked really well. Fast, with a minimum of band width, and using a part of the pages that wasn't used for anything. Only problem was that apparently nobody cared. Not even the ones I tried to help. After more than two years of this apparently pointless attempt at raising awareness I've taken it down.

March 2, 2013: So, 10 years. Who would have thought? The site was a little neglected in 2012. I bought a house, which has taken quite a lot of my spare time, but things are getting organized so hopefully things will get back to what passes for normal around here.

I played with the idea of a community for comics. Something like ComicSpace, only with someone removing spam. I got the subsite working, but it just never looked and worked the way I wanted it to be, so it never went public. That didn't stop the spammers from finding and attacking it. They are just like a jock itch, insanly annoying an impossible to get rid of. Anyway, I still think the idea of a community like the original ComicSpace is good, I just don't have the time or the skills to make it... or the time to acquire the skills to do it... and quite frankly, I'd rather be doing the reading and writing that I haven't had the time to do either. The subsite is now deleted, and the attackers can now go pestering someone else.