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Natacha: [Belgium] François Walthéry and Gos' famous stewardess.

Natalia Alianovna Romanova: [USA] The Black Widow, the Sovjet spy who became a super-hero in USA (Marvel Universe, 616 continiuty).

Nathalie Cushlin: [USA] Character from Broadway Comics.

Nathan Ellstings: [USA] Character from Avalon Studios.

Natasha Romanoff: [USA] Common name for the Natalia Alianovna Romanova/Black Widow (Marvel Universe, 616 continiuty).

Negerdockan: [Sweden] The negro doll from Rune Andréasson series Pellefant.

Nemesis Kid: [USA] Hart Druiter, the pre-crisis version of the villain with the adaptive powers.

Nermal: [USA] The cute kitten from Jim Davis' series Garfield & Friends.

Nerwin: [USA] The little troll from Russell Myers' series Broom-Hilda.

New Man: [USA] Character from Rob Liefeld's part of the original Image Universe.

Newton: [USA] Gyro Gearloose's inventive nephew (Disney).

Nick Pugh: [USA] The villain Arson from Shadowline, Jim Valentino's part of the original Image Universe.

Night Girl: [USA] Lydda Jath, the pre-crisis version of the substitute Legionnaire with the darkness based powers (DC Comics).


Nightwing: [USA] Superman's secret identity in Kandor on pre-crisis Earth-1 (DC Comics).

Nikola Voganova: [USA] Vogue, Russian gymnast turned super-hero as member of Youngblood, from Rob Liefeld's part of the original Image Universe, and the revised Rob Liefeld universe.

Nikos Aegeus: [USA] Greek terrorist from pre-crisis Earth-1 (DC Comics).

Nummermanden: [Denmark] Character from Storm P.'s series De tre små mænd og nummermanden.

Nura Nal:

Nuro: [USA] Character from Gold Key.

Nutsy: [USA] One of the prison guards from Disney's version of Robin Hood.

N.V.: [USA] Character from Dale Keown's part of the original Image Universe/Full Bleed.