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Le Concombre Masqué

Le Concombre Masqué Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Race: Cucumber

Story: Le Concombre Masqué lives in a surreal dimension with big and small adventures. On occasion he visits the ordinary World, but only for a short while.

Continuity: Le Concombre Masqué
Publisher(s): Dargaud
First app.: Valliant (April 1st, 1965)
Creator(s): Nikita Mandryka (Kalkus)
Country of origin: France France

Background notes: Le Concombre Masqué (i.e The Masked Cucumber) first appeared in the magazine Vaillant in 1965. The series followed Valliant, as it changed name to Pif Gadget, and over the years it has moved around between various anthology series like Journal de Spirou, Pilote, and l'Echo des Savanes. The series takes place in an absurd world with anthropomorphic animals, plants, etc., and it contains several surreal settings native to the 1960s.

In the beginning, the series focused more on the quirky and absurd than on the funny aspect. Later as the series evolved, the surreal setting became a setting like Russell Myers' Broom-Hilda (i.e. quirky and entertaining, but not really relevant for the story), and the focus shifted to humorous vignettes, usually one or two pages in length.

Though the series has been around for more than 40 years it haven't attracted much attention. Several albums have been published over the years, and new ones are still being published, but apparently only in French. It did get the Prix du patrimoine in 2005 in Angoulême.

Outside comics, Le Concombre Masqué has only been seen in a few pieces of merchandise.

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