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Zachariah Grizlock: [USA] Supreme's arch enemy from Rob Liefeld's part of the original Image Universe.
Zagreus: [Greece] Dionysos, the Greek god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature, and the patron god of the Greek stage.
Zarej: [USA] Pagan, a StormWatch operative (Image/WildStorm).
Zaxton Regulus: [USA] Doctor Regulus, the pre-crisis version of the LSH villain (DC Comics).
1: Zebra: [USA] The zebra from Stephan Pastis' series Pearls Before Swine.
2: Zebra: [Germany] The zebra who entertain kids with stories and puzzles, while teaching them how to read.
Zeke Midas Wolf: [USA] Disney's version of the Big Bad Wolf from the European Folk Tales.
Zeus: [Greece] Supreme leader of the World above from Greek Mythology.
Zilly: [USA] Hanna & Barbera's mechanic and pilot.
Zoofus: [Denmark] The zookeeper from Torben Osted's series Fodring Forbudt.
Zoyvod: [USA] Villain from Dale Keown's part of the original Image Universe/Full Bleed.
Zzzax: [USA] Electrical monster from Marvel Universe (616 continuity).