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Ueuecoyotl: [Aztec Empire/Mexico] The Aztec god of sex and irresponsible gaiety.
Ultra Boy:
1: Jo Nah: [USA] The original (pre-crisis) Ultra Boy from DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes.
2: Jo Nah: [USA] The Glorithverse, Batch SW6 version of the Legionnaire with the ability to use one super-power at the time (DC Comics).
3: Jo Nah: [USA] The 2005 reboot version of the Legionnaire with the super powers that can only be used one at a time (DC Comics).
Ulu Vakk: [USA] Color Kid, the pre-crisis version of the substitute Legionnaire with the ability to change colors on objects (DC Comics).
Umi-Bozu: [USA] Yokai/water spirit from DC Comics Red Circle.
Uncle Scrooge: [USA] The World's richest duck (Disney).
Undertow: [USA] Ray Bailey, a StormWatch operative (Image/WildStorm).
Unicorn, The: [USA] Character from Jim Krueger's series Foot Soldiers.
U.S.Angel: [USA] Joanie Juniper, First American's sidekick (America's Best Comics (ABC)).
U.S. Male: [USA] Character from Shadowline, Jim Valentino's part of the original Image Universe.